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 BMS / HSS - Balanced High Security Magnetometer Invulnerable to Defeat Keys (Balanced Magnetic Switches)

Jackson Research (JR) has developed "The Next Generation Military Grade High Security Intrusion Sensor"; a novel 3D Balanced High Security Magnetometer System (3D-BMS). This revolutionary new generation of BMS replacement is the only known intelligent 3D Magnetometer Security integrated device (also called Smart Magnetometer or digital Magnetometer). It is the only High Security Switch (BMS / HSS) in the world that cannot be defeated by "Trivial Means". It is also the only BMS technology in the world that can be networked and interrogated.

See what makes the Jackson BMS / HSS special here. JRM1212 video

All 3D-BMS / HSS meet or exceed US Federal Specification Components for Interior Alarm Systems, Balanced Magnetic Switches W-A-450/1 August 28, 1990 in addition to UL Class 94V-O and UL 634 Class 2. Our 3D-Balanced Magnetic Switches (3D-BMS) / High Security Switches (HSS) are lightyears ahead of their time while maintaining backwards compatibility with existing installations.

Switch Tester
 BMS / HSS - Basic Legacy BMS Upgrade  

 JRM1212L Magnetometer BMS / HSS

  • Dimensions and hole mounting identical to 2700 Series
  • Can be in the original holes provided the gap is within spec
  • Compatible with original legacy installations
    (output is polar and will not function if reversed)

 JRM1212S Magnetometer BMS / HSS

  • Full Size Switch Housing with Half Width Actuator Magnet
  • Compatible with original legacy installations
    (output is polar and will not function if reversed)



 JRM1212 Magnetometer BMS / HSS

  • Small Envelope
  • Compatible with original legacy installations
    (output is polar and will not function if reversed)

 JRM1212-REC Magnetometer BMS / HSS

  • The magnetometer and actuator can be mounted in any standard mortice.
  • It can be installed in wood an metal doors and frames.
  • Compatible with original legacy installations
    (output is polar and will not function if reversed)
 BMS / HSS - RS485 Network Option  
 BMS / HSS - Ethernet Option  
Ethernet Magnetometer BMS / HSS  
 BMS / HSS - Tester for both the Basic and RS485 Networked Models  
Handheld Test Unit JRT3285  
 BMS / HSS - HowTo  
  Defeat Keys for Balanced High Security Magnetic Contacts:
 Inquire Custom Apparatus

Jackson Research has developed "Trivial Means" to defeat all known High Security Switches of the traditional BMS / HSS types including those listed under UL634 Class 2. Only Jackson Research devices are immune to this form of attack.

Defeat Keys
 Wireless Security & Cell Phone Jammers
 Precision Electromagnetic Traction Locks
BHMA/ANSI Magnetic Locks - Single or Pairs of Outswinging or Inswinging Doors
FCC Class B and CISPR Radiated, Conducted, and Pulse Emissions Compliance

Our Precision Electromagnetic Traction Locks clearly out perform any competition. The fully networked digital Balanced Magnetic Switches and Intelligent Magnetics™ Precision Traction Locks represent the next generation of IntelligentMagnetics™ High Electronic Security Systems Revolution which has no peers.

 Electro-magnetic Shields (inquire)
  • Smartcard and Passport Shields
    US Justice Department informtion technology specialist, Mischel Kwon, gave a sobering assessement of some security risks in today's environment of ubiquitous, promiscuous unwired communications. And assurances from the State Department aside, she is no fan of the RFID chips in new pasports. Physical and software protections incorporated into the documents are not adequate, she said. “If you have an e-passport, protect it” with additional shielding, she said. “If that is stolen, you are stolen.” (stolen from 10 meters away)
  • Cell Phone Shields

Despite its importance, the “field” of physical security is scarcely a field at all. This has not changed since September 11. There is a severe shortage of meaningful standards, metrics, fundamental principles, rigor, studies, and theories. Unlike cyber security, it is difficult to get a degree in physical security from a major 4-year university, and young people (especially females) ignore the field in droves. Vendors and manufacturers of security devices and systems often make exaggerated or fraudulent “snake oil” claims. There are virtually no conferences where research & development results are presented, and until just recently, no peer-reviewed research journals devoted to physical security. The VAT has attempted to contribute to the development of the field by founding a new research journal for physical security. The Journal of Physical Security (ISSN 2157-8443) is the first scholarly, peer-review journal devoted to physical security R&D.

  Defeat Technologies:
BMS Defeat Key
 World View with Denis Campbell

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 Electronic Physical Security Equipment Standards