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How To Defeat a Wireless Security System


Wireless electronic security systems are most common in the Home Security Market (commodity). These systems are popular due to the ease in installation and low cost. The frequency ranges in which they may operate are restricted by the FCC and other International Agencies. Those frequency ranges are approximately 433MHz / 800MHz / 900MHz / 2.4GHz / 5GHz. Many home system motion detectors operate in the 433Mhz range. Professional systems usually operate at higher frequencies. Some companies advertise secret frequencies. However, they must still be within the mentioned transmission ranges controlled by agencies such as the FCC. And in any event, they are trivial to discover with simple electronic instruments.

Some wireless electronic security companies advertise encrypted transmission codes. This is marketing hyperbolie. There is no reason to encrypt transmissions since defeating a wireless electronic security system has nothing to do with wireless signal transmissions content. The clue on how to defeat a wireless electronic security system is provided by the apparatus that interferes with it. Radio Frequency Interference is an old term replaced by the acronym EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference). The newer term includes natural causes such as lightning.

Here is a partial list of EMI sources that will prohibit operation, interfer with or otherwise generate false alarms:

Cordless Phones
Microwave ovens
Baby monitors
Garage door openers
Bluetooth systems

Bluetooth devices include PC periferals such as mice, keyboards, webcams, joysticks and wireless networks.

Wireless Jammer

This device is not much larger than a packet of cigarettes and when activated, will disable almost any wireless video camera, wireless lans and blue tooth. Great for protecting access to your pc or to ensure you are not under video surveillance. It can disable equipment up to a distance of 20 meters and is simple to operate. The three frequency bands covered by the jammer lie between 900Mhz - 2.4Ghz covering all video cameras. The jammer is small enough to be concealed in a pocket, briefcase e.t.c. and used inconspicuously. It has in-built rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and comes complete with the charging adaptor.

JR080 Specifications

This device will effectively jam any wireless system operating within its bandwidth, including but not limited to, computer networks, video cameras and entire electronic security systems. There are other devices to cover the 433MHz range in a similar configuration. When activated, communications between everything wireless within its radius of influence will be innocuously prohibited. The wireless security system simply does not know anything has happened. There is just dead silence from all sensors within range. An intruder can simply walk right through a wireless security system as if it were not there. He will not even be slowed down. Secret codes and secret frequencies are irrelevant.